Sunday, June 19, 2011


(Ohio, Germany, Japan)

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  1. Last week I tried to link and failed, and this week my link address is more than 50 characters so I can't link again :-( I love this idea of sharing photos from around the world. We are also living many miles away from our families. Thanks for hosting!


  2. Awesome shots, once again, ladies! Rebecca, I want a piece of that sky - I've had just about enough of gray clouds.

    Kim, that is way too pretty for housing cows!

    Just a word about my "barn" image. This is the closest thing I could get in our area of Japan. It technically isn't really a barn if you think of a barn as a place for housing animals. Animals would not be kept in here. Rather, this is a structure made with materials that naturally absorb moisture (mud mixed with straw, and bamboo, which you can see at the upper left of the window) so that things can be stored without the worry of molding, since the humidity here in warm months is rarely under 60%. This could be used to store gardening supplies, but also for family items or heirlooms (dolls, etc.) that may be sensitive to humidity.

  3. Thank you Joanna! I am so glad you posted on your blog anyway. Another fascinating life abroad! Please feel free to leave your post address in comments if Simply-Linked kicks it back.

  4. Thanks Sue! Such interesting information on your photo. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. I'm glad you found it interesting, Rebecca. And, I do know my left from my right. In my comment I meant to say that in the photo you can see the mud and bamboo to the upper *right* of the window. Ooops!

  6. I added a link to my Flickr photo of my "barn" -- actually a little stable. I love it, but it doesn't have any animals in it right now -- we used to have chickens in there before the varmints got them, and the previous owners had horses. Thanks for the link! Love your photos!

  7. this is such a wonderful idea. and the photos are beautiful.