Monday, May 23, 2011


If you'd like to play along please leave us a link. We would love to see how you interpret this week's theme!


  1. Ok Sue you are going to have to elaborate on this one!

  2. Really?! I was wondering if it would be hard to get for the uninitiated. It's a Japanese wind chime. They are very common in summer, and when we have our windows open we can hear the glass "clink-clink" of the chimes hanging on neighbors' balconies. Those and the songs of the cicada make the music of summer in Japan. :o)

  3. Good Morning...I just put my interpretation of Musical on my blog.
    I have many windchimes in my gardens. They sound so beautiful on a breezy day.

  4. How lovely with a musical theme!!!! I posted some of the most beautiful instrument in this house. Forgot my hubby's B/C accordion though:(

  5. I really like the wind chime, so simple and colourful that made you feel a little more fresh.
    At the moment, here in Italy we are having abnormal high temperatures, so it's a very welcome sensation! :)